At Kawama, Zambia, Build It International trainees have begun digging the foundations for a new secondary school, with funding from COINS Foundation. 20 local men and women joined the ‘Training into Work’ programme on 1st September. The trainees learn basic building skills, enabling them to find work in construction in the future and earn a living to support their families.

Phase I of the build includes:
Clean water facilities
Five classrooms
Staff housing
Chicken rearing facilities.

The need for a new secondary school in the area is great – only 1 in 5 Zambian children complete secondary education. Most people in Kawama work in the informal sector, and there are no secondary schools serving the 7,000 residents. Children make up 75% of the population. In 2010, with support from COINS Foundation, Build It constructed a new primary school in Kawama. The secondary school will enable these children to access further education and attain their Grade 12 certificates. The school will initially enrol 250 students in February 2013. This will increase to 1,000. Once complete, Kawama Secondary School will be managed by specialist education NGO PEAS.