COINS Foundation visited a PEAS school in July 2012 with Susan Opok, Managing Director of PEAS Uganda. Sarah Ntiiro High School is in Mayuge District, and it currently has 352 students enrolled. 56.5% are girls.

COINS Foundation was one of the early supporters of PEAS, an innovative charity that delivers equal access to affordable, quality secondary education in Africa. PEAS secondary schools contribute to long-term societal change, poverty reduction and the empowerment of young people in Uganda and Zambia.

What differentiates PEAS schools from others is their sustainability. This is what makes the PEAS model scalable and innovative, and ensures that the impact they have on children in Africa will endure. PEAS schools build up reserves through efficient school financial management and profitable income generating activities.

PEAS is expanding the range of income-generating activities run at PEAS schools, and the pilot poultry project has been launched at Sarah Ntiiro. The project has started well, with the chickens already laying eggs for sale and for consumption at the school. This is expected to be a highly profitable source of revenue for PEAS schools. The pilot project is being closely followed and monitored.