Yesterday evening, founder and chair of COINS Foundation, Larry Sullivan returned to the prestigious University of St Andrews to deliver a presentation to the Masters degree students, as part of the MX (Masters Extra) Programme, an integrated programme between the School of Management and the University Careers Centre. The presentation is part of a series of ongoing talks to different universities about the importance of using Entrepreneurship as a force for good. The talks aim to encourage future leaders to think differently, inspiring them to become responsible entrepreneurs and to use their talents, whether intellectual, creative to make a positive impact on society.

Larry's enthusiasm, authenticity and humanity shone through and, from the post-talk buzz, I'm sure that many students were inspired by his message which was delivered simply and with great effect. From the conversations I overheard, I know that Larry’s talk perfectly reached the audience; indeed from the post-talk buzz, I’d say he really engaged 100% with some. The group of students is newly arrived – most have only been in St Andrews for two or three days and it was a great measure of the strength of his presentation that there were more questions than we had time for.

Charles Lovatt FRSA, Senior Teaching Fellow Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity

As group Chairman and co-founder of COINS Global, Larry Sullivan has first-hand experience in running a large business, in 2004 he funded and established the not for profit Stepping Stones, a school for children with hemiplegia. In 2008 he established the COINS Foundation and is its president.

COINS Foundation supports a wide range of social initiatives; Director Abigail Deffee has worked with one St. Andrews student on her dissertation, answering questions on social impact and engagement in business, and influencing people to think differently about poverty, disability and injustice. We also look to influence others to start social enterprises and to commit equity from the outset into foundations and charities. In our efforts to support business as a force for good we unite entrepreneurship with societal goals. At the heart of COINS Foundation is a desire to see real and positive change in individual lives, communities and business. Through these talks to students we hope to work with them in creating a more sustainable future. With next year’s talk already in the diary, let’s hope we can influence another group of future leaders to use business as a force for good.