We are pleased to announce that the Twapia Secondary School has now been completed.

The new school has created 250 places for grades 8 and 10 pupils (school years 7 and 9 in the UK).

The school, which will be operated by PEAS, has recently been renamed ‘George Secondary School’ after a vote at a community meeting.

14 new trainees from the local community helped to build the school. They received both practical skills and building theory whilst learning on the job. After this, the trainees sit tests to gain a TEVETA certificate. TEVETA is a nationally recognised trade qualification, which greatly improves the trainees’ employment opportunities in the construction sector.

The second phase of the Twapia project will be starting shortly and will include up to 6 more classrooms and another dormitory, increasing capacity to 1,000. This makes Twapia out biggest project to date. What do you make of our latest school?