In partnership with our delivery agents, Habitat for Humanity, we have built 109 new homes in Mozambique, offering decent accommodation for an estimated 545 people.

We believe it is important that houses conform to local culture, traditions and design. Sticking to more traditional construction methods means that houses are built using local skills and materials. This ensures that they are also easy to repair and maintain. The houses are built with bamboo reed walls and thatched roofs in a circular shape. The only concession to modern construction methods comes in the form of concrete floors and foundations. Two courses of rendered block work, serve to keep the floor dry and the reed walls free from rot. Each house is also provided with an improved Ventilated Pit Latrine.

In addition to good sanitation, all of the re-homed families were provided with mosquito nets and a 12 month supply of water purification bottles.

These houses were funded by a grant of £50,000 from the COINS Foundation, which was made possible through the COINS 3 Peaks Challenge.