COINS Foundation are supporting Edinburgh MBA student Lilian Lee to import art from Haiti to the UK. Lilian won the 2012 Grant Management Business Plan Competition, and COINS Foundation will match her prize money. Lilian’s social enterprise, Ikigai, imports artwork from Haiti into the UK. All profits are reinvested back into Haiti, supporting educational development.

Lilian is travelling to Haiti in January to make contact with Haitian artisans and to directly purchase artwork. Some of this art will then be re-sold, at The Cookie Bar in Hindhead, Surrey.

Lilian says “The trip is to establish Fourth World Art as an importer and supporter of Haitian artwork. Fourth World Art is committed to its promises to Haitian artisans. The huge impact would be that we can align ourselves with the Artisan Business Network in Haiti, where we can establish a direct line of communication and ordering of Haitian art. Haiti needs economic stimulation and not aid. This is Fourth World Art’s mission. Our promise is that 90% of all profits will be used to buy more artwork and to further support educational development for the Haitian artisans.”

Keep up with Lilian’s work with her blog, or via twitter @FourthWorldArt.