This month, Director of COINS Foundation, Abigail Deffee, attended the House of Lords for their annual Fundraising Gala Dinner and Auction in aid of the wonderful Sunbeams Music Trust. Sunbeams is an inspirational organisation founded by Annie Mawson, which provides Community Music Therapy to severely disabled and disadvantaged people. With Annie at the helm it was always going to be a great night, celebrating the inclusive power and ability that music brings to connect people, as well as LOTS of Fundraising! To learn more about the exceptional work that Sunbeams do, please click here.

By tackling the serious challenges raised by social exclusion, deprivation, ill-health and inequality, Sunbeams is reaching the unreachables

Annie Mawson, Founder and Chief Executive of Sunbeams

Sunbeams Music Trust

Last year COINS Foundation combined forces with Sunbeams Music Trust set up by Annie Mawson MBE in 1992 to ’improve the health and wellbeing of people with special needs, through the creative power of music.’ Annie’s background as a special needs school teacher and extremely gifted musician provided her with the tools to make this organisation an incredible success. Her passion, drive and commitment have made Sunbeams the invaluable source of joy and community that it provides for so many people and their families through their community therapy sessions, workshops, concerts and classes. The vast range of people that have benefitted from the music therapy is compelling and with work well underway for a brand new Sunbeams Centre, there are set to be many more. This is a really exciting time for the organisation and everyone helped by the music they make.

At Music For Life®, there are never any wrong notes, only the person's notes; notes aren't moral.

Annie Mawson – Founder and Chief Executive of Sunbeams

Music for Life®

Sunbeams have managed to invoke a sense of belonging to a huge variety of people, from young children with severe disabilities to elderly people living in residential homes, sufferers of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome, sensory impairments, behavioural and emotional disturbances and multiple disabilities. Music has the power to invoke a sense of belonging in everyone, often providing a voice for those who may otherwise not be able to communicate, it is a form of expression that isn’t restrained or confined and this inclusive quality of music is what allows Sunbeams to help such a variety of people, music is a medium that does not discriminate. Annie’s Music For Life® is the philosophy behind all the work that Sunbeams do, founded upon a well documented history of music as a way to heal and connect, both physically and emotionally. COINS Foundation were lucky to see the benefits of the Sunbeams workshops, where communicative barriers are broken, impossible’s become possible and joy is measurable in decibels! To read more about COINS Foundation’s work with Sunbeams please take a look here.

A huge thank you to everyone at the Sunbeams Music Trust.