COINS Foundation, in support of Build It International, has given a donation to aid in the construction of the Shantumbu Skills Training Centre and to build a classroom at the Mikumbila School, in Zambia.

COINS Foundation gave a grant of £14,875 to the Shantumbu Skills Training Centre, Zambia. This grant helped to build a workshop, and to train twelve local people in construction and manufacturing skills, with a focus on roof tile and brick making. As part of their training, the apprentices worked on real construction projects. They refurbished three classrooms, an office and built a house for one of the teachers, all at the local primary school in Shantumbu.

The construction of these buildings used the innovative new design of hollow waffle flooring, saving 40% on expensive cement. The hollow “waffles” (3D trapeziums) are placed on top of a hardcore base and covered with a thin layer of cement to fill in the cracks between them and then skimmed to create a smooth, even floor.

A grant of £10,000 went to build a new classroom at Mikumbila School in Zambia. Melody Chimense, head teacher at Mikumbila School said, “The new school will be a blessing, it will help us cope with so many children. Now we have over 200 but many more will come. Please allow me to thank COINS Foundation and everybody in the UK who is helping.”

Like Shantumbu, this project was also carried out by local trainees. The build of the school uses the brilliant Cool School design pioneered by Build IT International. The design incorporates a hexagonal room and locally manufactured roof tiles, which protects the students from the sweltering heat in the summer.

The ministry of Education in Zambia is also playing its part in this project. They agreed to supply a new, trained teacher to the school if a house was provided for him or her in the local area.