Massive congratulation to Mark and his team mate James! They completed the 320 mile race in 12 days 23 hours and 35 minutes. They reached the magnetic north pole on Thursday and ploughed straight on the additional 14 miles to the finish.

Mark and James have only known each other since they met in Resolute Bay following the unfortunate collapse of the Polar Expedition which Mark had originally undertaken. When Mark’s Team-leader was struck down with suspected pneumonia, Mark was determined to find a way to go on. So he linked up with James to join the 2010 race to the top of the world. From all reports they have formed a great bond, which has seen them through to the finish line.

Five of the eight teams are now reported to have completed the course as the race enters its final stages. The remaining teams are all in good health and good spirits. They are expected to reach the finish later today.

Congratulations to all the competitors and huge thanks to everyone who has sponsored Mark on his epic challenge in support of COINS Foundation.

All the funds Mark raises will support COINS Foundation projects.