The COINS Foundation recognises that future of any country is largely vested in its children and the future of those children is dependent on their education. In many parts of the world, education is unavailable and the potential of entire generations is compromised. Young people’s prospects are significantly improved by the availability of local, affordable secondary education.

COINS Foundation helps marginalised young people to access secondary education, giving them greater chances and opportunities financially and socially: helping to secure both a future for themselves and for their communities.

Onwards and Upwards is an example of such a scheme. It is part-funded by COINS Foundation. Onwards and Upwards is a day and boarding secondary school, situated in the Wakiso district of Uganda, 15 km west of the capital city, Kampala. It was opened by PEAS (an organisation regularly supported by the COINS Foundation) in February 2008. By the end of the first term, they had enrolled over 200 students with capacity to have 600 pupils on roll and an intake of 200 pupils each year. By year two, demand for the places at the school was such that COINS Foundation was asked to fund construction of an additional classroom.

There is a wide range of subjects at the school, at both O-level and A-level. Facilities include two laboratories and the three classrooms, a library, boys’ and girls’ dormitories. All the necessary ancillary offices have also been provided and a reception, staffroom and kitchen. An important part of the success of any PEAS school is to ensure it is economically sustainable. Onwards and Upwards has established an apiary so that the children can learn practical bee-keeping skills. This also helps to provide additional income for the school.

These facilities make Onwards and Upwards the most popular secondary school for many miles around.

Already the school has had a great impact on its pupils. 17yr old student Ruth is emphatic, “I would live anywhere so that I could study here,” she said.