Nyumbani is a self-sustaining community serving orphans and elders who have been left behind by the ‘lost generation’ of the HIV pandemic. The Village provides a family-like setting for orphaned children under the stewardship of elderly adults. The village seeks to ensure that the children receive love, sustenance, health-care, holistic education and culture transfer, aiming at their physical, social and spiritual development. At the same time, it provides holistic care and support for grandparents in their later years. The site is within the poorest division in the Kitui District. It has a high incidence of HIV and a high number of HIV orphans.

When complete, the Village will accommodate approximately 1,000 orphans and 100 grandparents living in 100 dwelling units (each with a grandparent and 8 – 10 children). There is currently an urgent need to build new homes in the village as they are currently at capacity and have a long waiting list of children. To build a home that can house 10 children and a grandparent to look after them costs £9,000. We aim to fund to fund 5 new houses.