COINS Foundation has recently granted £25,000 to Sunbeams Music Trust. The charity is based in the North of England and was founded by Annie Mawson MBE in 1992. Every month, Sunbeams delivers over 100 live Community Music Therapy workshops to more than 1,400 disabled and disadvantaged people of all ages – including children with Special Needs. Because of our donation, Sunbeams Graduate Community Musicians will be able to deliver Music For Life® workshops to 185 children with a wide range of severe and debilitating disabilities, such as quadriplegic cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, and rare syndromes such as Niemann Pick disease.

The Sunbeams Music for Life® workshops feature dance, movement and music, especially singing, accompanied by sign language and embedded with word activities to help families improve their literacy skills. The Sunbeams Music For Life® programme cuts across barriers and helps the children interact with their peers on an equal footing, thus alleviating their feelings of exclusion. The powerful effects of the music achieve these differences by reaffirming the children’s identity, raising their self-confidence and dignity, and sometimes giving even the most profoundly disabled children a voice – literally.

I have learnt so much about my daughter's ability - not her disability. It is amazing to see her grow in these sessions, despite her complex physical and learning difficulties. As a family we have already gained enormous benefits from her interactions during the Sunbeams Music workshops. Thank you SO much to COINS Foundation for enabling this work to continue – it is transformational for my daughter and all the other children who attend the sessions.