On Tuesday 20th October, Stepping Stones students took part in Shakespeare Schools Festival, the largest youth drama festival in the UK. After launching in the year 2000, in just 15 years they’ve worked with over 100,000 children who have been part of the programme.

The students’ performance saw acting talent, backstage support, sound and music displayed at its very best. Bo and Georgia led the performance as Lord and Lady Macbeth. The play, set in Victorian times, held the audience, projected both the characters and emotion resulting in them being commended for their portrayal.

Our aim is to engage pupils in their education, inspire teachers in their jobs and create community ties. We offer this experience to all children regardless of background, ability or location.

Shakespeare Schools Festival

Taking to the stage to perform their version of Macbeth at Guildford Live Theatre, Stepping Stones students excelled, and deservedly received outstanding feedback, such as: “Stepping Stones could give masterclasses in voice projection and delivery”.

Our cast included young people who have integrated therapies to support them throughout their day, allowing them to access a good solid curriculum. This was the perfect demonstration of how the tireless work that the staff carry out has such a huge impact. It reflects that what we offer today is developing those learners, who used to stand in the wings and the team we have to do this is going from strength to strength. Well done! A proud day and a credit to you all!

Melissa Farnham, Headteacher at Stepping Stones School

The strong cast including: Bo, Georgia, Elena, Lucas, Lucy, Rachel, Katie and Lewis along with support from Jorrit & Leonie. But the action wasn’t limited to those in the spotlight, Sorcha and Federica were busy backstage creating atmosphere, lighting, sound & props with support from Mollie, Stefan, Ali, Sheilah, Dave and Sally.

I really enjoyed the experience of Shakespeare Schools Festival. I felt nervous and excited for the show. There were four schools performing Shakespeare plays that night. My part was lighting and sound, which was a new experience as I have never done this before – it was exciting.

We learnt about the play, Macbeth, as a group talking about it with the teachers. There were lots of rehearsals up at Sundial and people making props and costumes. On the night, the play went well – we had great feedback from the Shakespeare Company and I definitely enjoyed being on the stage.

‘Macbeth, Macbeth, beware Macduff, beware the Thane of Fife dismissed me enough.’

Federica, Student at Stepping Stones School