We’re now in the second week of a brand new school year at Stepping Stones School, in Hindhead Surrey, an independent school for children with mild to severe levels of disability. COINS Foundation works with the school to provide students the opportunity to do work experience at The Cookie Bar, our unique social enterprise, gaining valuable skills that can’t always be learnt in the classroom. This week we spoke to Melissa Farnham, Headteacher, to see what this year has in store!

School has started back in full flow. The school has had a make over and the I.T. Infrastructure has been overhauled. So this new tech savvy hub of a school has welcomed 7 new students as well as 3 international volunteers.

Next week sees the whole of Key Stage 4 venture off to Wales to develop skills ready to embrace the work load of GCSE’s. October 3rd brings our Healthy Harvest event, driven through the Dame Kelly Holmes unlocking potential scheme. This day will look at healthy life styles for the whole community and is to be led by our students.

Melissa Farnham, Headteacher

Here’s wishing all students and staff the very best for a new school year!