We believe a decent home is fundamental to life. Without a reasonable place to sleep and eat, be clean and secure, life chances are severely compromised. For this reason, COINS Foundation is granting $40,000 to Capital District Habitat for Humanity, which is providing housing for people wishing to own their own house, but who, by virtue of their personal and financial circumstances, stand little chance of competing in the open housing market.

Habitat for Humanity’s plan is to create sufficient, affordable houses for people with below average incomes in the South End area of Albany. These home-owners are screened and supported through a series of visits and life-style checks to ensure that they are capable of making the repayments. They are also prepared with the skills to keep their new house in good order.

A volunteer labour force (including some of the COINS staff from the USA office) alongside donations of money and building materials will be used to build these homes. The grant from COINS Foundation will pay half the total cost of one house.