Habitat for Humanity’s autumn appeal launches today and features the story of James and Ruth who we visited during our trip to Uganda. The appeal is focused on Habitat GB’s innovative microfinance scheme – a project which we’ve been actively supporting – and details how these small non-profit loans can have an amazing impact on the lives of families struggling in poor housing.

James and Ruth had already begun work on building their home but funds were running low. Then one day, construction came to a sudden halt – their two-year-old daughter, Nora began having seizures and was rushed to hospital.

Thankfully, after three months in hospital, Nora was allowed home but sadly she has been left unable to walk, talk, or hold things by herself. With the added costs of Nora’s ongoing hospital bills and medication, James and Ruth’s dream of moving their children out of their mud house and into the home they had started to build now seemed beyond reach.

We were desperate.


But one day, James found out about Habitat for Humanity’s work which offered hope to him and his family of a brighter future. He explains;

I was in town, when I heard people talking about ‘Habitat’. By my good fortune I was there and moved closer to listen.


On hearing about MicroBuild, Habitat for Humanity GB’s microfinance programme, James got in touch with them.

They told me they were able to give me a loan and that’s when we started our journey together.


James and Ruth borrowed £125 to complete a roof for their house. And the fantastic thing is that once a loan is paid off, more families go on to benefit. Money is circulated within communities – essentially, as a loan is paid off, funds become available again and again to help even more people.

Habitat for Humanity promote the practice of incremental building – an approach where clients build in stages, first the walls, then the roof, then the doors and windows, etc. This keeps the loan size small and affordable.

Could you make a donation today to help Habitat For Humanity GB reach more families like James and Ruth with their ground-breaking solutions?

To donate today visit their page.