In May of 2011, COINS Foundation took the courageous step of granting nearly £40,000 to help fund the start-up of Disability Africa; a new charity established to focus on the issues and unimaginably hard conditions which profoundly limit the life-chances of disabled children in Africa. Director Ric Law explains: “Our aim is to provide vital services which directly support disabled children and their families whilst campaigning to actively reduce discriminatory attitudes and practice.”

Inclusion is at the centre of everything Disability Africa does to ensure that they are addressing stigma and helping to bring down the destructive, negative attitudes and behaviours which families, and the whole community, traditionally hold.

By early 2012 Disability Africa established their first programme for disabled children. It was in the village of Gunjur (pop 27,000) in The Gambia, West Africa.

The Gunjur Inclusion Project, started with a summer playscheme for disabled children – it was extremely popular and formed the basis for a range of other programmes including medical support for over 30 disabled children who had long-standing injuries and infections which were gone untreated.

COINS Foundation have since made another £10,000 grant to Disability Africa, meaning that their new Inclusion Centre will be fully self-sufficient and sustainable. The grant will pay for a solar powered water pump and bore hole to provide the water needs for the whole site and a large solar array which will provide energy to the twenty-room facility.

The generosity and confidence of COINS Foundation in the early days of the charity was the springboard from which we have made such rapid progress. Their help now will be a major factor in creating an environmentally sound and sustainable project which will help many hundreds of disabled children in the future.

Ric Law, Disability Africa