Last week Larry Sullivan spoke at the the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Hangzhou, China (19th – 22nd October). Over 300 delegates attended the 8th edition of the Annual Forum, which launched in 2008, to be run under one main belief that:

With the current main disruptive changes the world is facing entrepreneurship, creating both wealth and social justice, is key for shaping the world of 2050.

World Entrepreneurship Forum

This was Larry’s first invitation to speak at this prestigious event, which came via the British Council and offered a unique platform to present alongside like-minded individuals. Previous themes included; Navigating Change for Sustainable Growth,’ ‘Creating and Developing High Growth Companies’ and ‘Entrepreneurship 3.0 – Unlimited Opportunities,’ this year’s conference focussed on ‘How Business can Create Social Impact.’

Through recommendations and actions the Forum aims at creating a strong impact over entrepreneurs and stakeholders to drive the change towards a more entrepreneurial world.

World Entrepreneurship Forum

Under a sub-topic of ‘How Business can Create Social Impact,’ Larry spoke alongside several influential businessmen from both the UK and abroad, including: Michael Norton (Co-founder of Changemakers – UK) and Shiyin Cai (Founder of Dialogue in the Dark China, – China). Larry was particularly taken with Jack Sim (Founder of the World Toilet Organisation and the BOP Hub – Singapore).

A true businessman, Mr Sim does not believe in free and charity, he believes in the market – this is why I focus on social enterprise.

Larry Sullivan

The presentation, entitled: ‘Entrepreneurship as a Force for Good and Social Improvement’ highlighted the projects that COINS Foundation supports and explained the process of reinvesting profits. An explanation of how the circular funding model for the Foundation operates via business and shareholdings along with video footage of several different projects allowed spectators to understand the process and the success of the projects.

Representatives attended from all over the world, offering the opportunity to present COINS Foundation’s projects to a multicultural audience and ultimately raise awareness of our objectives on a larger scale.

We are committed to supporting social enterprises and businesses with a social mission and believe that economic and social value should be intertwined.

COINS Foundation

Larry was accompanied by his two youngest children, Lucy (21) and jack (11), who had their first experience of China. Lucy wrote a blog for the Foundation during her time there.