Staff members at the new COINS Global headquarters in Slough are enjoying the benefits of complimentary breakfast and lunch courtesy of the on-site Cookie Bar.

The Cookie Bar venture is run as a social enterprise and supported by the COINS Foundation. The aim is to run each Cookie Bar as a commercially successful operation and to provide young people with access to work experience, and also knowledge of how a business is run.

The Slough Cookie Bar differs from the others in that its main purpose is to provide a place for COINS staff to enjoy food away from their desk and interact with other employees that they may not normally come into contact with. The Slough Cookie Bar will also have a very important role of providing a showcase for future Cookie Bar ventures.

Open from 8am until 5.30pm, the Cookie Bar provides complimentary breakfast before 9am and complimentary lunch from a selection of soups, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and salads.

The Cookie Bar is a great addition to our new offices and has been very well received. It provides a hub where people can meet up, take a break, or sit and have informal meetings. Most of the staff seem to be taking advantage of the complimentary lunches, and it is great to enjoy your meal with colleagues rather than sitting at your desk

Lynne Pursey, a PA at COINS

Visitors to COINS are also encouraged to visit the Cookie Bar to see how it operates and learn more about the importance of putting social enterprise at the heart of every business. At the opening of the Slough Cookie Bar, COINS Chairman Larry Sullivan had a clear message about leadership by example. He said,

I hope that this Cookie Bar will provide a showcase for future Cookie Bars and demonstrate to the construction industry that if a relatively small, private company like COINS can do this, so can they.

Larry Sullivan

Reinvesting income generated by the Cookie Bar into social causes is key to the ethos of the brand, so profits made from items such as speciality coffees, smoothies, cookies and cakes will go directly to projects supported by COINS Foundation.