Larry Sullivan, Chair of COINS Foundation and Chairman of COINS (a global construction industry software solutions company), has travelled to Haiti to build homes near the epicentre of the January 2010 earthquake.

COINS Foundation is a major donor to international charity Habitat for Humanity, and Larry will take part in the charity’s annual Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Work Project from 5th – 12th November. Larry was one of hundreds of international volunteers working alongside local families to build safe, decent homes at the invitation of the community. The volunteer teams worked alongside 100 families in Santos, Leogane, an area considered to be the epicentre of the 2010 earthquake.

These families have spent the past 21 months living in temporary tented accommodation, facing the threats of hurricanes and disease without the protection of a permanent home.

With the support of Habitat for Humanity’s Volunteer teams (including former US-president Jimmy Carter, his wife Rosalyn and global volunteers such as Larry), families will be able to build earthquake and hurricane-resistant homes.

We are all, relatively speaking, privileged, and this privilege brings obligations. We are committed to helping the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.

Larry Sullivan

COINS Foundation has supported Habitat for Humanity for over 3 years; donation over £270,000 with a further £100k p.a. to support some of the first mortgage backed lending into Africa, working to create long-term, sustainable housing solutions for the most vulnerable people. Funds have been predominantly raised by the UK construction industry’s participation part in the COINS 3 Peaks Challenge, an annual event.

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Habitat for Humanity has been working with people living in poverty in Haiti for over 27 years, committed to long-term sustainable development. The charity enables communities to meet their housing needs through a variety of initiative including new home construction, progressive building, home repairs and improvements. In Haiti, Habitat for Humanity also teaches construction skills, disaster risk reduction and financial literacy, working in partnership with community and government agencies.