In an exciting partnership between Breathe AHR and COINS Foundation, this summer’s Breathe Magic Camp will take place at Stepping Stones School in Surrey.

Breathe Magic integrates specially adapted magic tricks and performance skills into therapy programmes to improve physical and mental health outcomes for people of all ages. The camp consists of 10 days of intensive therapy where children learn specially adapted magic tricks in order to become young magicians, while at the same time developing motor skills and bi-manual skills.

The repetitive action of practicing these tricks can help build up strength and dexterity in the affected hand and arm, and consequently help to increase independence. The performance skills taught as part of the magical learning experience are used to increase the participants’ communication skills, confidence, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

The camp culminates in a magic show where the children perform alongside professional magicians to an invited audience. This project combines a unique blend of multiple art forms, including magic, circus skills, costume design and theatre production all designed to enhance physical and mental health outcomes.

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