Last month we announced that COINS Foundation had granted a sum of £50,000 to PEAS to fund solar installations at five more Ugandan schools. Today (Tuesday 18th April) COINS Foundation fly to Uganda to begin this exciting project with the installation at the first of the five schools. The team, which includes the Foundation’s Director Abigail Deffee and Trustee, Jo Franklin, will also be looking into creating a business plan where excess energy from the solar panels could be sold to the community, therefore, generating a constant flow of income for the school.

Joining them on this trip will also be two filmmakers from one of our social enterprise companies, Crossform Media, to capture footage that will be used to create a documentary. During their time they will also be visiting the five families that we have been following over the years for an update on their progress. The families have all been working with Habitat for Humanity and their microfinance loans, which enable them to build their house in incremental stages. Their concept is “a hand up not a hand out” and so beneficiaries of the loans maintain a sense of responsibility and pride in their accomplishments. The success relies on individuals repaying the loans in full and on time so that others can also benefit from the opportunity and work to improve their living conditions.

We are delighted to be supporting such great projects and look forward to sharing the progression over the coming months.