Glorious weather blessed the 41 teams of this year’s COINS 3 Peaks Challenge as they attempted to conquer the highest peaks in the UK in under 24 hours.

We would like to thank all the teams (in alphabetical order): Bauer Technologies, Bellway plc, Bovis Lend Lease (team 1 & 2), Chanton Group, COINS-Etc, COINS UK, COINS USA, Costain (CVB), Costain / Skanska, Explore Living, Henley IS, Hewden, Hot Courses (team 1 & 2), Illegal Two, Interserve (Leeds), Interseve (Cambs), I-Walkers, JLT, KMI (team 1 & 2), Leigh Academy, Longcross Group, LPR (Larry/Paul/Richard), LX Engineering, Mabey Hire (team 1 & 2), MJN Colston (team 1 & 2), Morgan Sindall, Osborne Girls, Osborne Boys, QFS Scaffolding, RG Group (team 1 & 2), Shepherd Construction, Sussex All Stars and Vinci (team 1, 2 and 3).

We are delighted that the total fundraising pledges from the 2010 event have topped £230,000.

Larry Sullivan, COINS Chairman and CEO, and Chair of the COINS Foundation, has announced that those who turn their pledges into the highest actual amounts will be awarded sponsored places in the USA COINS 3 Peaks Challenge. Mirrored on the UK event, the American 3 Peaks takes place across arguably some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The event takes place in September (just as the leaves start to turn), and it includes mountains in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. Fundraising winners are promised a truly breath-taking trip. See

So far, the highest pledges are from Shepherd in 7th place, with £7,500; JLT in 6th place with £9,000; Longcross Group, RG Group and Bovis Lend Lease in joint 3rd place (all pledging £10,000); Osborne and Explore Living in joint 2nd place with £12,000; and KMI in first place with a truly amazing £40,000!

The fundraising deadline to qualify for a sponsored place in the COINS USA 3 Peaks Challenge is 30th September. Places are awarded based on funds collected by this date. Keep an eye on the Fundraising League to see how you are doing.

Fastest Times:

Congratulations to the team from Morgan Sindall who were first across the finish line to set a new event record in the astonishing time of 18hrs 50 minutes. Shepherd Construction, also one of the highest fundraisers, were next, completing the challenge in 20 hrs 47 mins. Joint third were Vinci team 2 and Illegal Two who finished in 20hrs and 49 mins. Of the 41 teams, 17 finished the challenge within the 24 hours. Congratulations, however, are due to everyone, with a special mention to the team from Leigh Academy who fielded the team with the youngest members, three students: 17 yr old Jack Schock, Sam Pritchard and Liam Gillespie (pictured with their support staff Megan West, Kyle Marsh, Alison Holmes below) who just squeaked inside the 24hrs with a time of 23hrs 52mins.

To see how we plan to spend the money raised in the 2010 COINS 3 Peaks Challenge please go here: COINS Foundation 2010 Projects.

One of the projects you supported last year was Mikumbila School in Zambia. Melody Chimense, the head teacher wanted to send this message.

The new school is such a blessing; it will help us cope with so many children. Now we have over 200 but many more will come. Please allow me to thank COINS Foundation and everybody in the UK who is helping.