Press Release

The start of the 2016 sailing season at Frensham Pond Sailability was marked by the arrival of a new boat named “Breeze”. Money raised by the COINS Foundation enabled the purchase of a 303 Hansa dinghy. This is specially adapted to help disabled people start learning to sail with the help of a buddy, and is an important part of the work that Sailability does.

The COINS Foundation and its founder, Larry Sullivan, have been generous supporters of Sailability from its inception. They have provided two other boats in the past, both named after daughters of Larry. This time, the name was chosen by one of the sailors from Stepping Stones, who felt that it described how they felt while sailing at Frensham Pond.

Stepping Stones has brought children to learn and enjoy sailing to Sailability for many years now. Approximately 20 children from the school are interested in sailing, and they come in small groups every week. Stepping Stones is a small school in Hindhead where they help young people with disabilities develop into confident and independent young men and women. Its work is supported by the COINS Foundation.

The day for launching “Breeze” was bright and breezy! The honours were performed by Melissa Farnham, Executive Headteacher of Stepping Stones, who gave her good wishes to everyone who will sail in “Breeze”. This was followed by an enjoyable party, with refreshments provided by Stepping Stones own cake shop, The Cookie Bar.

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Michael Buttler
Communications Officer, Frensham Pond Sailabilty