There are homeless people all over the world and the USA is no exception. Thanks to a single generous donation, COINS Foundation has given a grant of $15,000 to help support Bethesda House, a project based in the upstate town of Schenectady, New York.

Bethesda House provides the chronically homeless with, not only the basic building blocks for survival: food and water, shelter and warmth, but also clothing, wash facilities, health education and care, alongside financial support and advice.

The residents are supported in the early stages of employment and are taught skills to help them move towards living independently. The telephone number and address of the project are given to all the residents so that they have a fixed address for job applications or to send and receive letters and calls from loved ones.

Although COINS Foundation does a lot of work with homeless people and the impoverished in Africa, we believe decent accommodation is essential to people everywhere. Without it, life chances diminish rapidly.