COINS and COINS Foundation believe a decent home is fundamental to life and a strong community relies on people having a reasonable place to sleep and eat, be clean and secure.

For this reason, COINS Foundation granted $25,000 to Habitat for Humanity Capital District, which is helping to build 24 single family homes in Albany, NY’s Sheridan Hollow neighborhood. COINS staff have already participated in several Build Days at Sheridan Hollow, and volunteer teams from COINS will be returning to the site in November and December for three more Build Days.

The overall project is a blend of several charities that are creating a sustainable community though mixed-use, mixed-income development and providing housing for people wishing to own their own house, but who, by virtue of their personal and financial circumstances, stand little chance of competing in the open housing market.

We are very grateful to our corporate and foundation sponsors who use their wealth as an opportunity to give back to Habitat both financially and as part of a team building activity. We view volunteers not only as a construction strategy but as a strategy for change.

Alicia D'Alessandro - Community Outreach Manager, Habitat for Humanity