The Kailash Home is one of two establishments for orphaned and deprived children supported by the Himalayan Youth Foundation and currently meets the needs of 110 youngsters aged 7-17, providing them with a home, education and medical care.

Following severe earthquakes in 2014, COINS Foundation provided various grants to assist with the installation of solar panels and computers. The solar panels enable the generation of electricity, which has a direct impact on their safety and education by providing light and access to improved learning resources. Access to this (low energy) equipment has seen Kailash students making increased progress and attainment of targets, which was confirmed by the results of school exams. COINS Foundation have also supported the Kailash Home through individual sponsorships and, more recently, with the purchase of a new bus to enable safer and more reliable transport for students.

HYF supports a charity in Nepal which provides a home for 100 orphaned or impoverished children from all over Nepal at Kailash in Kathmandu. We support the home by seeking individual sponsors for each child to cover their basic living costs and raise funds for individual projects such as the School Bus. We provide the children with a good home and healthcare, and, for their education we send them to local schools. We have to provide transport, and, until receipt of the generous donation from COINS, we had to rely on a dilapidated bus, which would have been condemned from UK roads years ago. The new bus has turned the trips to and from school from a nightmare into a pleasure.

Gerry Slater - Chairman of the Himalayan Youth Foundation UK

As the home has progressed and the students have matured, their requirements and study needs have increased. Therefore, a decision was made to extend the facilities by providing; a dedicated study building fitted out with the necessary IT equipment and a social building, which will provide proper dining facilities, space for practice and performance of music and dance, a facility to teach cookery and baking and common rooms for the senior students. COINS Foundation have contributed $25,000 towards construction costs to support these developments and are delighted to be able to help the Kailash Home to continue to improve the level of care and education offered to their students.

Providing these facilities will enable us to pursue our strapline of ‘Excellence in Education’ and give our children the best chance of making a difference when they leave our care.

Gerry Slater - Chairman of the Himalayan Youth Foundation UK