Following the disastrous earthquake in January this year, 20% of funds raised through the 2010 COINS 3 Peaks Challenge will go to build houses in Haiti.

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, we are engaging in a five-year reconstruction programme focusing on Cabaret in the outskirts of Port au Prince where it is possible to quickly commence construction of “core homes”. These are not temporary shelters but 18sqm units with latrine and bathing facilities, the design of which has passed detailed earthquake analysis by ARUP engineering in London.

Housing is a basic and essential requirement for reconstruction following the devastation. A house is so much more than a roof to keep the rain off; it is a safe place, a barrier against poor health, a place of work and financial security. A home is the basis of family life and the unit on which a thriving community is built.

It’s worth remembering that each house built will be home to a family of up to five people.

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