In a few weeks, ten employees from COINS will head to the Peak District to take on the Habitat Hope Challenge 2019. The challenge, which takes place from 28th – 30th June, is comprised of both mental and physical tasks is part of an annual fundraising event held by Habitat for Humanity GB, a long-term partner of COINS Foundation.

Habitat believes that everyone has the right to a safe place to call home and that achieving this is an important part of breaking the cycle of poverty. COINS Foundation’s core involvement has been through their micro finance loans, where families are given the opportunity to access small loans to purchase building materials from which their home can be developed incrementally. Over the years we’ve also been fortunate enough to follow five families who have been recipients of these loans to see the development of their houses and the impact this has had on their lives. Operating in nearly 70 countries, Habitat’s mantra “It’s a hand up, not a hand-out” is a reminder that these individuals aren’t looking to be rescued, they are looking for an opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families. Habitat’s work allows this to be a reality.

The Hope Challenge follows on from this theme, where teams of 4-6 people must first build their own shelter for the weekend before taking on a trek that contains both mental and physical tasks. On the Sunday, teams have a selection of challenges to complete that will continue to test them both individually as well as their ability to work as a team before the Hope Challenge Champions of 2019 are announced. Points are earned from four sections throughout the challenge; fundraising, the structure, the trek and the final tasks on the last day, before a panel of judges decide who will be awarded with the title. In 2019, teams have an added incentive to hit the top of the leader board as thanks to sponsorship from COINS, the winning team will have the chance to attend one of Habitat’s overseas projects to participate in a build and witness first-hand the true purpose of their fundraising as well as work alongside the families they are building for.

This year, two teams have put themselves forward to represent COINS and will be battling it out to take the top prize. Team ‘COINcidentally’ includes; Duane Wingell, Rob Cookson, Anup Maru, henna Hamid, Maryman Hussain and Santjit Gill.

Team 'COINcidentally'

We believe we can make a difference as a team (and individually) to people that are directly impacted by the good work that Habitat for Humanity does, the message we are trying to send is that if we work as a team, we can achieve anything.

Team Captain - Duane Wingell

Joining them will be ‘ZAMM Build’ which made up of; Arjun Maru, Mo Mian, Zabar Khalil and Miroslaw Swiatowiec.

Team 'ZAMM Build'

We all want to do our best for this challenge but above all we want to raise awareness around the work Habitat is doing so that more people understand why it is important and what we can all do to support them.

Team Captain - Zabar Khalil

Although there will undoubtedly be some friendly competition between the two teams, they have combined their fundraising efforts to work together towards raising as much as they can to help Habitat’s projects. If you’d like to support them, please visit their fundraising page and help them to make a difference to families all over the world.

We wish them all the best of luck!