This week Larry Sullivan, Chair of COINS Global and its Foundation came to Warwick Business School (WBS), located in the University of Warwick, to meet and talk with our 466 strong first year undergraduate students about his core values in business practice and to introduce a business model that profits the lives of others, not from them.

As Assistant Dean at WBS, I’d hoped for a presentation that would complement, challenge and enhance students’ existing knowledge of business though exposure to real world practice, whilst at the same time inviting them to think critically about the skills necessary for creative and innovative approaches to 21st century business. We got all of this AND an insight into COINS Foundation – an organisation committed to social justice and a business model committed to social improvement. Students were presented with an idea of how business might be different – setting countless lives free – socially, economically and creatively. COINS Foundation is quite literally building an inclusive world and with it shaping the way our future generation feel about themselves and their capacity to do things differently.

If just one of our students left the lecture theatre asking themselves ‘What if…?’ then we have been gifted.

If you’d like to view Larry’s presentation, it’s available to view HERE