Day 7 Tuesday 10th February 2015

We visited PEAS’ office in Kampala this morning and met with Edison, Deputy Programmes Director and Frank, Chief Engineer. Abigail gave a short presentation on COINS Foundation, and Edison was genuinely excited about our work and what we’re trying to do.

He explained that in Uganda the face of a woman presents poverty. I find this hard to grasp, it’s really upsetting to hear. He then continued to talk about how education can change this perspective and the reason equality in education is so important to PEAS.

Power can transform not only the learning but also the lives of children. Edison said that “with light children can really reach their full potential”, as they can study for longer and have extended periods of time with their teachers. I was even surprised to hear that after looking at the most recent national exam grades, it seems there have been improvements in schools that have access to light. In terms of the community it also can lower the bills they have to pay, plus it is helping reduce carbon emissions in the overall area.

We then moved upstairs to film an interview with Frank. He began by talking about the fear that emanates from darkness. When the lights go out here it is truly pitch black. When there is no light to begin with, I don’t even think it’s something you get used to – it’s just scary, especially for girls. There’s a feeling of being trapped – penned in to a certain area, because you are too scared to leave your dorm to visit the toilet at night. ,

Frank then spoke about how more time with teachers mean the children will be able to get better grades and in turn a better chance at succeeding at life. He also mentioned that school textbooks are changing all the time therefore having a small online licence, students can access the latest versions quickly and easily – another advantage power will bring. He said: “when a girl child is not in school, their chances to make it in life are dim”. We thought afterwards how sad this really is.

Tomorrow we’re meeting up with Habitat for Humanity, and heading up to Luwero – I’m looking forward to meeting the Habitat families, and seeing a new place each day.