Day 6 Monday 9th February 2015

This morning felt like a lovely Monday morning not to be in the office! Today we focused on any final shots we may need to get, as it is our last day at Pioneer School before the solar panels are installed (our main focus for next week).

On the way to the school we stopped in a local community to film, and encountered a huge group of Primary School children! It was baffling to see how amazed they were at the cameras, something we see everyday back at home even at their age.

At Pioneer School three of the students, Gloria, John Junior and Raymond showed us their walk to school. We needed some local translation as we met a farmer with his herd of cows, and so found out that Raymond can speak five languages; English, French, Lugandan, and two other local languages. How incredible is that? The boys explained that a host of languages are spoken in Uganda, and many people are bi-, tri-, and multi-lingual. I was pretty embarrassed to admit I can speak only English and a little German…