Day 3 – Friday 6th February

After travelling the long, straight road to Pioneer we decided to go out and visit some of the local communities to talk to them about the school, power and solar panels. We explained what we were doing at Pioneer – that we are working alongside PEAS, to increase their capacity, and make a film to help PEAS schools grow.

During one interview, Cavell tried to explain that his white skin in the hot sun would turn as red as a tomato. Because Cavell had pointed at tomatoes – this gracious, self-confessed poor famer went to get a bag of tomatoes, which he then gave to us… We felt so embarrassed and abashed by the language mishap. It felt bad that we didn’t have anything to give them back – except one polaroid photo – we felt guilty being given gifts by people who have very little, but they’ll still give you what they have. We went back the next day with some fresh fruit – it was the least we could do.

So far I have been extremely busy, my tasks involve unpacking and setting up equipment, monitoring sound for footage, taking photos and keeping up with our social media – which without much access to Wi-Fi is harder than it sounds!