We were back at PEAS Pioneer school today, which was really lovely to be able to revisit to people recognising you, but also for a fresh perspective on everything, especially from a filming point of view.

The solar panels were being mounted as we arrived and it was really quite exciting to be able to be here for this pretty much life-changing project.

After being in Luweero and experiencing first had how darkness affects you when you have no option to turn on a light switch, I am able to have a lot more empathy and delight for the girls especially, to have access to light and power.

Every interview we have conducted with PEAS or the students has always had such a positive theme of how this power is going to affect their learning, safety and for the school, more students.

We also set up a discussion group with five of the students from PEAS that we knew the most and had some behind the cameras, some interviewing and being interviewed. They really seemed to get into it and enjoy it, plus I was so impressed by their English!