I woke up very excited to be going back to Kampala after visiting our last family, Joseph and Florence. The first thing that struck me was how immaculate and well kept their house was, they had huge land out the back with cows, goats and even pigs which Florence looks after throughout the day. John works in sales and marketing for a company that produces juices, maize and .. which seemed to be a great step from his previous casual labour job.

John and Florence’s son had passed away in September, and once we started to interview Florence I was so surprised at how open she was about what happened, especially as it was so recent. It is probably such a hard thing to talk about to even her family and friends so to be able to let us in on her story was really quite touching.

Unfortunately when he was younger he had a fever, but the doctors never quite worked out whether it was malaria or meningitis – two things I had such ease at protecting myself against with injections and tablets. He started having seizures and could not do anything for himself. Florence then mentioned that even though the community had been so supportive throughout his illness, they were praying for him to pass on so he was no longer suffering.