This morning we visit the Chief of a local village, his wife and an elder. We talked a lot about their community and what they think of education. It was really surprising to hear a lot of parents won’t send their children to school because they think it won’t benefit them but also because there is no role models, especially girls, which means the parents don’t want to be the first person to do it out of the family.

Another story that shocked me was that an NGO had come to the village looking for girls who had completed S4 but they could not find one and had to go to the neighbouring communities.

The elder also talked about how his daughter had had a baby before she completed school and he tried to convince her to go back but she said she would not understand school anymore because she only wanted marriage and love. This I really couldn’t get my head around that she would not go back to school, despite having a child with a father who is no longer around.