Thanks to Larry Sullivan and David Forbes-Nixon (Founder and Chair of The DFN Foundation) my school is starting the New Year with an awesome new minibus! The wheelchair hoist at the back will make such a difference to those of us with mobility problems and having two vehicles is going to be really useful. It means we will be able to go on more outings, and it is really nice that Louis can now get on and off the minibus properly in his wheelchair.

I’m not the only one who is pleased. This is what some of my friends had to say about the new vehicle:

Thank you very much for spending lots of money on the new minibus. It was very generous of you, and the bus is lovely and warm - and the radio works!! It has very nice comfy seats and you can fall asleep in it.


Thank you for spending money on the bus. We can now get wheelchair people in and out easily on the chairlift. It was really comfortable when we went out in it and lovely and clean, and its got really cool lights.


Thank you very much for buying the new minibus. It’s very, very comfy and very cool.


Thank you Larry and David for buying us a new minibus. It means more people can now go out at the same time. The heating is lovely and warm.


Thank you really much for the new minibus. I loved it and there was more comfortability.


Thank you for buying us our new minibus. It is very comfortable and nice and warm. It smells nice and is very luxurious. We all love to go out on school trips now - we are very grateful.